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Server Hardening

Each server is hardening & optimized by hand from an experienced technician. Listed below are some things we do.

Essential Server Hardening

Systems Security CSF/LFD Firewall and Brute Force protection, LES, /tmp, /dev/shm, /proc hardening, host.conf, TCP/IP stack, LibSafe, LCAP

Services Security SSH, Apache, FTP, DNS

Anti-Rootkit Chkrootkit & RKHunter

Systems Utilities/Maintenance Ideal service/control panel configs, Zend/Ioncube, unused software removal, disable unused services.

Services Optimization opCache, MySQL, Apache, FTP

Operating System Updates Yum, apt-get, kernel

Services Updates PHP, Apache, MySQL

Fortified Server Hardening

For $50 we do a few more things. Do you need it? Probably not. But if you want that extra, extra protection, it's a good thing to have. Again, we can't divulge everything but here's a look:

Free Admin Time 2 hours for any requests you have

Mod_Security Enhanced Apache Web Server protection

Enhanced Security Analysis OSSEC Rootcheck, LSM

Maldetect Powerful website malware detection

Anti-Spam RBL activation and enhanced SpamAssassin rulesets

Enhanced PHP Security Disabling un-used & potentially dangerous PHP functions

I'm ready for 24x7 peace of mind!

Server Management

Our Promises

  • 1 Hour Case Examination - Guaranteed

    Tired of mass replies? No dubious "response time" here. We start on each case within 1 hour.

  • 30 Minute Average Response Times - Guaranteed

    On average work begins well under the 1 hour mark.

  • 6 Hour Case Resolution - 9/10 Guaranteed

    We say 9/10 as 90% of all tickets fall here. We leave room for 10% of tickets that by nature, take more time to resolve.

  • 1.5 Hour Average Resolution Times - Guaranteed

    On average cases are closed within 1.5 hours

  • 15 Minute Reboots - Guaranteed

    We monitor your server every 5 minutes. If it's down, we'll have it back online before you can say "holy cow".

  • Compromise Protection - Guaranteed

    We don't claim to protect your server. We GUARANTEE it. See our Compromise Protection Guarantee

  • Data Protection - Guaranteed

    Nor do we claim to protect your data. We GUARANTEE it. See our Data Protection Guarantee

  • 24x7x365 - Guaranteed

    Rain or shine, holidays, we're always here for you. Even on that occasional 366th day.

Base Services Included

  • Essential Server Setup - FREE

    2 hours of complete security hardening and optimization for new servers.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Hard drive crashes can be devastating. Not so with us. We'll have you back up and running asap.

  • Advanced Backup Configuration (Local & Remote)

    Backups are the most crucial yet overlooked part of an IT setup. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. With us, you'll have it.

  • 100GB of Remote Backup Space - FREE

    Just to help get you started off right.

  • Server Migrations

    Upgrading hardware? New datacenter? No worries, we'll take care of it for you. We perform dozens of migrations each month.

  • SysAdmin Time - Unlimited

    We have never restricted the # of tickets submitted. Never. Not once in our 12 year history.

  • 3rd Party Software Installation - Unlimited

    Server-required software installs such as Fantastico, FFmpeg, GD, Ioncube, Perl modules, you get it all. Just ask!

  • 24x7 ServerSitter™ Monitoring

    24x7 checks every 5 minutes for website availability!

Maintenance Services Included

  • System Health Checks - Bi-Weekly

    Your server's health is reviewed by one of our technicians to ensure optimal operation.

  • Security Audits - Bi-Weekly

    A security scan/audit is also run on the system to spot for any suspicious activity and possible exploits.

  • System Updates - Bi-Weekly

    Operating system updates are downloaded and applied to your server.

  • Security Patches & Software Updates - Bi-Weekly

    Critical security patches and third party server software updates are performed.

  • Backend Server Updates - Bi-Weekly

    Kernel, PHP, MySQL, Apache updates are applied or scheduled depending on your preference.

  • Reports - Bi-Weekly

    Reports are compiled and posted to your account.

Included with Fortified Service

  • Fortified Server Setup

    An additional hour of hardening that includes several anti-malware and anti-rootkit applications

  • Website Malware Scan - Bi-Weekly

    Detects malware on websites that lead to website blacklisting by Google and other blacklists

  • Anti-Spam Blacklists - Subscription Included

    We configure EXIM to use an AcuNett-maintained filter that blocks out common and annoying spam

  • Additional Rootkit and Antivirus Scans - Bi-Weekly

    Scans your server using ClamAV and OSSEC for any viruses and rootkits present on the system

I'm ready for 24x7 peace of mind!

Guaranteed Service.
No resolution, no payment.

90% of quoted tasks completed within 1 hour.

Popular Tasks

LiteSpeed, Nginx installation & optimization 1 hour
3.x kernel compile w/ grsecurity 2 hours
Hack recovery (no OS reload required!) 3 hours
Server to server migrations 3 hours
Remote backup configuration 1 hour
WHMCS custom dev work 2 hours
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Service Costs

1 hour service $30
2 hour service $60
3 hour service $90
1 hour emergency service $60
1 hour dev service $30
2 hours dev service $60
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Business Management

For the business owner who wants to sit back and place operations in capable hands.

We handle inbound sales, billing, and support.

Credits can include tickets, chats, activations, cancellations, refunds, upgrades/downgrades.

  • One Server Plan
  • $300/month
  • Unlimited Credits
  • One Server
  • Mid-Size Firm
  • $1000/month
  • 200 Credits Per Month
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Small Firm
  • $500/month
  • 100 Credits Per Month
  • Unlimited Servers

AcuNett works exclusively with
WHMCS and Kayako.

Supported Platforms

We are your cyber-ninjas and these are our dojos.

Control Panels


Operating Systems

Managed SAS Servers

Blazing speeds. London. Detroit. SF.
AcuNett Managed.

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Managed SAS VPS

RAID-10 15,000RPM SA-SCSI.
Super-Redundant. AcuNett Managed.

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Data Protection Guarantee.


Network Uptime Guarantee.


Server Uptime Guarantee.


ServerSync Storage.


[sur-ver-singk]: quick, raided, secure remote storage


  • rSnapshot
  • Duplicity
  • cpRemote
  • R1Soft*

Service Quality

  • 24x7 Assistance
  • RAID-6 Protection
  • 1Gbps Uplink
  • Scalable

Purchase Stackable 100GB Blocks

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Why Our Clients Love Us

Robert G. shares: AcuNett is a great long term business supplier for us in our online business. Acunett manage all our server with over 400 live website the last years and are doing a great job.

Michael states: Hi, I have been hosting with AcuNett for about 5-6 years. Their follow-up on issues or problems, even those not associated with AcuNett, has been superior. I have consolidated hosting accounts making AcuNett my only hosting provider

Greg says: I have been dealing with Acunett since 2005. Ronny and the guys have always treated me right. They were there for me when I had my first server and they are there for me now. You can always count on Acunett!

Colin would like you to know: Great value for unmanaged dedicated server. Been hosting with these guys for 4 years and they typically respond to support inquiries with 5 minutes.

Michael S. mentions: Super hosting company to deal with. They always respond to any issue I have, even if is something I have done incorrectly. Thanks

Aris P says: I have been an AcuNett customer for server support and administration for the last 7 years (yea, since 2006!). During all this period, Ronny and his team have been the most critical factor for our success in offering high-quality web hosting services. I would like to take this chance and say a big THANK YOU to every member of AcuNett's team for their strong commitment and support. I strongly recommend using AcuNett for every piece of product/service they are offering.

Massimo Maggi shares with us: I've been a customer for their ServerSync service for years.Their responses to tickets are very fast and I've never seen a "prepackaged" response, only focused and competent ones. Also to my requests about somewhat unusual configurations. When there was a little trouble on their side, I was refunded with extra space and free contract extension. They are a serious and reliable company.

Chris S. candidly states: So true... "Sit back. Relax. Spend time with your loved ones. Leave everything to us." AcuNett are very knowledgeable and professional (polite/well-written responses, etc). 5/5 starts from me. AcuNett are not the cheapest around, but well worth it!

Dr. Ehab Diab concisely admits: Very helpful team! Amazing prices.

Richard E. remarks on our services: AcuNett has the best service. Period. I've never got this type of service from any other company. I'm always surprised at how quick and easy their technical service answers my questions. They always go out of their way to help a non-tech, like me. I highly suggest them!

Long time customer Robert Perry Broz Moran says: Been Acunett since 1997. I have been using Acunett hosting since 1997 and wound'nt change if you paid me. Great prices great service and wonderful and helpfull support.

Nate Khazendar tells the world: We have been with AcuNett for years and I can't say enough about their service. Overall, my experience with them has been excellent. Their staff is always available, very knowledgeable and attentive. Thank you AcuNett, keep it up!

Development & Design

Hidden deep inside the AcuNett lair lies the dev team,
churning out incredible work day after day.


Web & Mobile



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